Taron Hensley

Taron Hensley Offers Advice for New Teachers

Taron Hensley

Few things can be as daunting as becoming a teacher. While great educators find the work fulfilling and dedicate themselves to their students’ success, there can be an incredible number of concepts to grasp before reaching the pinnacle of your teaching prowess. Taron Hensley of Las Lomas, recognizes that it may be helpful for new educators to put the most important aspects of teaching into perspective at the beginning of their career path. For this reason, he includes a short list of tips that can assist new teachers hoping to establish themselves in their career.

One piece of advice that Taron Hensley gives to new teachers is to remember who all of what you are doing is for- the students! It can be very easy to enter the educational space and become quickly wrapped up in things. Between administration, policies, dealing with coworkers, handling students with all types of personalities and behaviors, the responsibilities of a teacher can seem endless and daunting when you are just getting started. When things seem at their most complicated, sometimes it is a great idea to take a simplistic approach to your situation. Remind yourself that what you are doing is for the betterment of your students, and never become so involved in the minutia of the field that you do not feel as though you are giving them the best access to resources and support possible. Taron Hensley knows that educators that take a direct and profound interest in students and their ability to succeed inside and outside of the classroom tend to be the ones that find the most success. There may be tough days or spirited discussions along the way but keeping the wellbeing of students in mind will consistently point you in the direction of improvement.

While many things that enable you to be a great new teacher involve your commitment to students, it is important to stay involved in your own development as a professional as well. Taron Hensley consistently speaks to how developing your teaching style in a way that best suits you. What works well for others may not fit within your areas of expertise, and that is okay. Using your own personality and set of skills to be the best educator that you can is one of the most important facets of developing as a teacher. What matters most is that an educator can remain genuine with their students as they guide them throughout the learning process. If teachers follow policy, take a commitment in their students’ success, and stay motivated to educate, things tend to fall into place.

Taron Hensley of Las Lomas recognizes that many teachers have the misconception that they, as an authority figure, should be unquestionably firm in their methods. Instead, Hensley tends to call for the opposite, recommending that new teachers seek out advice and do not shy away from guidance or feedback from their peers, superiors, or students. The best teachers are perpetual learners that see the value in taking what is given to them to continually improve. There are tried and true methods in the educational space, but there is an inherent need for adaptability as we introduce new concepts to students. As such, new teachers should always be willing to learn to improve their processes and make their lessons more fulfilling.

There are several important things to remember when becoming an educator, and Taron Hensley of Las Lomas does not intend for his list to be the be all end all of teaching standards. He hopes that, instead, new teachers take the opportunity to put what they wish to accomplish for themselves and their students in perspective as they enter the educational space. As with any profession, teachers will do their best work when they feel truly inspired to give things their all, and many of the smaller facets of job performance will work out if you strive to do your best for your students, your colleagues, and yourself.

By Taron Hensley

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